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How to Join the CSE Forums
Access to the CSERA Forums is restricted to members of the association. If you wish to have access to the CSERA Forums and you are not a member of the association, please refer to our Membership page for membership eligibility.

For those members wishing to have access to the forums, please send an email to requesting a forum account. In this email you must provide the following information:
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address you want associated with your CSECRA Forums account.  This should be the same email address as is known to the Treasurer, for identification purposes.
That's it! We'll do the rest for you. We'll create your account and activate it. We'll send you an email informing you of the activation along with your Username and account password. The web team suggests you change your account password after your account is activated.

The CSERA Forums are located at You cannot create your own account to access the CSE Forums.  Allow us to initiate your account first. We will create an account name that complies with CSERA standards and make sure it is all working correctly before handing it over to you.

When you login to your new CSERA Forums account, you will see that the articles are arranged by Category, and Topic within category. Please take the time to read the CSERA Forums rules and regulations topic, located in the "Association Information" category. Rules and regulations for participating in a forum are common on the internet, and are generally designed to make the experience pleasant for all members.

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